About Us



 Jake and I (Bryan) started the home brewing in 2015. How you ask?  

Well Jake and I have been friends for a while through our wives and as some people say brothers from another mother. We have a passion to drink beer and with all of this craft beer at our fingertips it was getting a little expensive for the consumption.  

One day I brought over a home brewed keg of Irish Red Ale to Jake’s house from a close friend of mine (Scott) for years. Now while we’ve tasted many beers in our lives we were amazed at the quality of the beer being that it was home brewed. As Jake put it “That’s the best damn beer I’ve had. I need more.” So we asked Scott if he could make more but our demand was too much for him, so we asked him if he could teach us the ways of home brewing.  

From there we started making beers and enjoying life as home brewers. We created the name Wicked Ways Brewing Company thinking toward the future adventures and hope to one day open a brewery. We also joined up with a great group of other home brewers (Krausen Commandos) to help us understand more of the differences in beer styles and brewing and haven’t stopped brewing ever since. 

Oh yea we can't forgot our silent partner Ricky whenever he shows up for brew days!