Beer List

Red Hearted

Imperial Irish Red Ale

Description: An easy-drinking pint, often with subtle flavors. Slightly malty in the balance sometimes with an initial soft toffee/caramel sweetness, a slightly grainy-biscuity palate, and a touch of roasted dryness in the finish. Some versions can emphasize the caramel and sweetness more, while others will favor the grainy palate and roasted dryness.

ABV 9%

Silky Scarlet

Cream Ale

Description: A clean, well-attenuated, flavorful American “lawnmower” beer. Easily drinkable and refreshing, with more character than typical American lagers.

ABV 5%

Teufel Hunden

German IPA

Description: Brewed with all german grains and noble hops. Various different malt tones strike though including biscuit, toffee, and caramel as well as the distinctive toastiness of the Vienna malt. The hops offers pleasant, mild spicy flavor that give an special sharpness to this beer.

ABV 6.5% 

Blackbeard's Bitchin Black Ale

Black Ale

Description: A dark German ale that balances roasted yet smooth malt flavors with moderate hop bitterness. The lighter body, dryness, and lack of a harsh, burnt, or heavy aftertaste helps make this beer quite drinkable.

ABV 8.4%

Beefy's Chocolate Hazelnut Stout

Chocolate Hazelnut Stout

Description: A fairly strong, highly roasted, bitter, hoppy dark stout. Has the body and dark flavors typical of stouts with a more aggressive American hop character and bitterness. Finished with a touch of Hazelnut favors and aromas.

ABV 7.5%

Bearing It All

American Brown Ale

Description: A malty beer frequently with chocolate and caramel flavors. The hop flavor and aroma complements and enhances the malt rather than clashing with it. Finished with Roasted Hazelnuts and Almonds, touched with Oak Chips.

ABV 7%

A Nutter

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter

Description: A substantial, malty dark beer with a complex and flavorful dark malt character. Major flavor of Chocolate and Peanut giving the beer a taste that resembles a Reese Butter Peanut Cup.

ABV 7.5%

Bad Wolf Pils

German Pils

Description: A light-bodied, highly-attenuated, gold-colored, bottom-fermented bitter German beer showing excellent head retention and an elegant, floral hop aroma. Crisp, clean, and refreshing, showcases the finest quality German malt and hops.

ABV 6%

Dullahan's Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale

Description: An amber to copper, spiced beer that often has a moderately rich body and slightly warming finish suggesting a good accompaniment for the cool fall season. Finishing flavors of pumpkin spice, bourbon and cinnamon.

ABV 6.5%

Chubby Ninja

Black IPA

Description: A beer with the dryness, hop-forward balance, and flavor characteristics of an American IPA, only darker in color – but without strongly roasted or burnt flavors. The flavor of darker malts is gentle and supportive, not a major flavor component. Drinkability is a key characteristic.

ABV 7%

Double Trouble

Belgian Dubbel

Description: A deep reddish-copper, moderately

strong, malty, complex Trappist ale with rich malty flavors,

dark or dried fruit esters, and light alcohol blended together in

a malty presentation that still finishes fairly dry.

ABV 7.8%

Frisky Fraulein

Belgian Blonde Ale

Description: A moderate-strength golden ale that has a subtle fruity-spicy Belgian yeast complexity, slightly malty-sweet flavor, and dry finish.

ABV 7%

A collabo we did with Hillside Brewery

Funkel My Dunkel

Munich Dunkel

Description: : Characterized by depth, richness and complexity typical of darker Munich malts with the accompanying Maillard products. Deeply bready-toasty, often with chocolate-like flavors in the freshest examples, but never harsh, roasty, or astringent; a decidedly malt-balanced beer, yet still easily drinkable.

ABV 7%

Golden Corruption Summer Ale W/ Watermelon

Summer Ale

Description: Easy-drinking, approachable, American craft beer with interesting fruit, hop, and character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors. Finished with a touch of Watermelon.

ABV 6%

Happy Wiener


Description: A clean, crisp, delicately-balanced beer usually with a very subtle fruit and hop character. Subdued maltiness throughout leads into a pleasantly well-attenuated and refreshing finish. Freshness makes a huge difference with this beer, as the delicate character can fade quickly with age. Brilliant clarity is characteristic.

ABV 5.3%

Hard Cider

New England Cider

Description: A flavorful cider with robust apple character, strong alcohol, and derivative flavors from sugar additives; traditionally dry.

ABV 5%

Hopocalypse Now

Imperial Red IPA

Description: Hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong like an American IPA, but with some caramel, toffee, and/or dark fruit malt character. Retaining the dryish finish and lean body that makes IPAs so drinkable, a Red IPA is a little more flavorful and malty than an American IPA without being sweet or heavy.

ABV 8%

I Must Beer You

Russian Imperial Stout

Description: An intensely-flavored, big, dark ale with a wide range of flavor balances and regional interpretations. Roasty-burnt malt with deep dark or dried fruit flavors, and a warming, bittersweet finish. Despite the intense flavors, the components need to meld together to create a complex, harmonious beer, not a hot mess.

ABV 11%

A Collabo with Woodworkers Bruhaus



Description: An elegant, malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish that encourages another drink. The overall malt impression is soft, elegant, and complex, with a rich aftertaste that is never cloying or heavy.

ABV 6%

Surf's Up

California Common

Description: A lightly fruity beer with firm, grainy maltiness, interesting toasty and caramel flavors, and showcasing rustic, traditional American hop characteristics.

ABV 5%

A Collabo with Magic Den Brewing

Tilt My Kilt

Scottish Heavy

Description: A malt-focused, generally caramelly beer with perhaps a few esters and occasionally a butterscotch aftertaste. Hops only to balance and support the malt. The malt character can range from dry and grainy to rich, toasty, and caramelly, but is never roasty and especially never has a peat smoke character.

ABV 3.8%

A Collabo with Magic Den Brewing

'Ello Gov'na

British Golden Ale

Description: A hop-forward, average-strength to moderately-strong pale bitter. Drinkability and a refreshing quality are critical components of the style.

ABV 5.24%

A Collabo with Magic Den Brewing

Vile Executioner

Smoked Bacon Porter

Description: A smoke-enhanced beer showing good balance between the smoke and beer character, while remaining pleasant to drink. Balance in the use of smoke, hops and malt character is exhibited by the better examples. Touched with a hint of Bacon.

ABV 6%

Belgian White


Description: A refreshing, elegant, tasty, moderate strength wheat-based ale. Pleasant malty-sweet grain flavor (often with a honey and/or vanilla character) and a zesty, orange-citrusy fruitiness. Refreshingly crisp with a dry, often tart, finish.

ABV 5%

Luscious Lips

 Blonde Ale 

Description: Easy-drinking, approachable, Light sweet malty aroma with interesting fruit, hop, and character malt notes. Well-balanced and clean, a refreshing pint without aggressive flavors. Brewed with strawberries and mint    

ABV 6%

Pete's Lemonade


Lemongrass Saison 

Description: A pale, refreshing, highly-attenuated, moderately-bitter, moderate-strength Belgian ale with a very dry finish. Quite aromatic, with fruity, spicy, and hoppy characteristics with a touch of lemongrass  

ABV 7%